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VIRO™ Liquid Laundry Detergent - Enviro Hygiene Solution

  • Concentrated detergent with 3x Ultra Power to remove tough stains faster and more effectively.
  • Advanced Deep Clean technology dissolves and penetrates fast between the fibres of clothes to help remove even the unseen tiny sweats and body oils.
  • Protect clothes with innovative formulation that Brighter Whites and Colours in every hand and machine wash.
  • Kills 99.9% odour causing bacteria and malodors.
  • Wash away bad odour and prevents odour resulting from indoor clothes drying, leaving refreshing and long lasting fresh fragrances on clothes after washing.
  • Low suds formulation specially designed to work in top and front loaded washing machine.
  • Safe for hand wash as the concentrated detergent is tough on stains yet gentle on hands.
  • Free of harmful phosphates and bleach.
Pack Size 2 KG 3 KG 5 KG
Units per case 6 6 4
External Case Dimension (mm) 325(L) x 245(W) x 336(H) 365(L) x 354(W) x 315(H) 423(L) x 283(W) x 366(H)
Gross Weight per Case (kg) ± 13.5 ± 19.5 ± 21.5