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Home Care (VIRO) - Enviro Hygiene Solution


After extensive research and development on the product formulation to suits today market’s need, we have developed a new range of household products and registered these products under the brand name VIRO.

VIRO is a registered brand for our household products. The main focus of VIRO range of products are Environmental Friendly and Biodegradable products which is value added to the cleaning efficiency other than a number of special functional features of the products. Though VIRO brand of products are rated as medium high quality of products, yet these range of products are cost effective which is more affordable to most of the household consumers and easier for the new brand to penetrate into the market. We are confident that our products are very competitive among the lead competitors on the market today in terms of price, quality and sales support.

Our key products at the moment as per proposed today are Dishwashing Liquid, Multipurpose Cleaner and Concentrated Laundry Detergent. Yet these are not all the products we have in VIRO range. There are a few of products which are currently under research and development stage, these products are Fabric Softener, Glass Cleaner, Bleach, Multipurpose Spray, Air Freshener Spray, etc.